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The Client Acquisition Sales & Advertising Budget Calculator
Watch This 4-Minute Video to Learn How to Start Generating Leads, Prospects and Paying Clients for Your Business 

Using Paid Advertising with Campaigns Starting From as Little as $10/Day  

Learn Everything You Need in Less Than 60 Minutes to Start Generating from 1k - 100k/Month in Profitable Revenue

If you want more clients and you're not using paid ads .... or if you are paying for traffic but your campaigns are not generating ROI .... or if they are generating ROI but you are not sure exactly how much.... and you don't know where you are losing your leads and prospects .... because you can't actually see your client acquisition funnel ... then get the Sales & Advertising Conversions Calculator, Training and One on One Coaching Today. 


4 Simple Steps You Can Take in Less Than 60 Minutes to Discover How to Start Generating Leads, Prospects and Clients with a $10 Daily Budget

Time is precious so this entire process is designed to provide you with exactly what you need without having to sit through months of sales training courses. 

Start Growth Hacking Your Client Acquisition Strategy in Less Than 60 Minutes. 

Follow The 60-Minute Training Tutorials

Watch the 3 video tutorials to learn how to use this tool for your business in less than 60 minutes so you can discover the exact and only metrics you need to achieve in order to start generating leads, prospects and paying customers in a matter of days.

  • The Calculator Walk-Through (28:33)
  • The Example Conversions Calculations Exercise (18:14)
  • The Reality Checker (9:56)
  • BONUS TRAINING: Set Up Your Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard to Align it with Your Sales Strategy
  • BONUS TRAINING: Get a Behind The Scenes Look at THE $10-12.5K CASE STUDY to See How You Can Grow Your Business with as Little as a $10 Daily Adspend

Download The Conversions Calculator

Use the Conversions Calculator for your entire sales strategy and for each and every one of your campaigns so you can advertise with total confidence because you'll know the exact metrics you need to pay attention to through-out your entire funnel.

This Calculator Will Make Growth Hacking Your Client Acquisition Strategy Simple and provide you with a mathematical and scientific strategy for automated inbound client acquisition without spending a fortune on unmeasured and ineffective marketing.

  • Simply Enter Your Average Sale Price or Your Average Customer Life-Time Value for Your Product or Service
  • Decide How Many Prospects You Want to Generate per Day/Month/Quarter/year
  • Determine Your Estimated Sales Closing Rate

Use The Tool To Reverse Engineer Your Client Acquisiton Funnel

Get to work on reverse engineering your client acquisiton funnel according to your exact sales model. You can also use this tool to explore new sales models that you can adapt to your business AND to track your real-time results to learn exactly what you need to optimise in your campaigns in order to increase your sales. 

This calculator will enable you to plan your entire campaign, check the feasibility of your sales plan AND monitor your real time results to identify how to improve your conversions. 

  • Identify Exactly Which PAID AD Metrics You Need to Predictably Reach Your Sales Targets
  • Confidently Identify Exactly How Much to Pay For Clicks, Leads and Prospects

Get 1:1 Help 
(It comes with the tool)

Make sure to schedule your 90-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session so we can review your Calculator, clarify any issues and make sure you are on track with your client acquisition strategy. Just providing you with the tool and the training tutorials is enough to empower you to achieve accelerated growth, but we are there for you to answer any questions and provide you with clarity and support so you are 100 times more likely to start growing your business using this tool. 

  • Review Your Sales Plan with an Expert
  • Get Your Client Acquisition Roadmap
  • Learn How To Use Your Actual Results to Growth Hack Your Sales

Paying For Ads to Get More Clients is ALL about Making Money, NOT Spending Money

Discover How You Can Start Building Your Self-Financing Client Acquisition Campaign 

... With as Little as $10 a Day in Advertising. 

Watch the Case-Study We Started With a $10 Daily Adspend. 

This Micro-Campaign has reached over half a million people, generated 77'571 Clicks with a CTR of 4.37%, 22'952 Landing Page Views

over 20k in Profitable Revenue and thousands of qualified prospects in just a few months .... and it all started with one single $10 ad.

N.B. This campaign is not intended to generate huge profits, it's designed specifically to generate traffic, leads and prospects while reducing the risk paying upfront for advertising that might not get results.  If your target audience were to purchase something from you that is of value to them,  what percentage do you think 

would be interested in working with you personally? 

HINT: You get to talk to ALL your customers.

This is NOT revenue for our core activities ... this is in fact our self-financing funnel that also finances campaigns like this one you're reading about here! 

The point? Your advertising should be profitable from DAY 1, it probably won't be, but you don't have to risk more than $10 a day to get started and you'll know the exact metrics you need, which will tell you exactly where to start optimising.  

If 2341 people from your target audience were to purchase something from you 

that is of value to them,  what percentage do you think would be interested in 

working with you personally? 

Get The Conversions Calculator, The Training and 1:1 Support by Appointment

This is a very simple tool to use so you don't need any tech skills. The training provided explains every detail of the tool. If you have questions or need help you can book a 90-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call (Included)

Welcome Video & Training Overview

A quick introduction and overview of the tool and the training (You can watch this video on the next page).

Lifetime access to the quick and easy-to-follow training and ALL FUTURE updates!

The Sales Conversions Calculator Walk-Through

A detailed tutorial explaining every step through-out the conversions calculator.

Use the calculator as for as many campaigns as you like and get ALL FUTURE UPDATED Versions.

Example Conversion Calculation Exercises 

A detailed tutorial where we explore different example pricing scenarios from 2k-100k per month so you can relate this to your pricing model and discover how to growth hack your sales model.

Find the exact sales model that fits your business and apply it to your campaign.

The Reality Checker

Making a plan is one thing, taking action is another, and the results you achieve are often surprising. This tutorial we use the reality checker to keep it real and gather valuable data we can use to optimise as we go ...

Keep it REAL by using the FEASIBILITY CHECKER so you can launch with total confidence and know that your sales target is reachable based on your sales model, your available time and your resources.

The Enrolments & Revenue Roadmap

This training will enable you to identify exactly where you are today in your business and exactly what you need to do in order to achieve accelerated sustainable growth (Includes 15 more videos to help you get immediate clarity).

Discover where you are today with your business and identify the exact steps you need to take to grow it to the next level.

Real, 1:1 Support by Appointment

You will get lifetime access to the Sales Conversion Calculator, three indepth videos showing you how to use it  ... and to make sure you are on track and everything is clear you can book a 1:1 Coaching call at no additional cost. 

Get feedback and tailored help from an expert and fine-tune your strategy.

Are You Ready to Start Generating a Consistent Flow of Leads, Prospects 
and New Clients for Your Business?

Start With a Quick 2-Minute Business Outline to Help Us Prepare for Our Meeting Together

Building a Successful Client Acquisition Strategy is ALL About 
Overcoming Challenging Roadbloacks

Why MOST Business Owners Are Not Already Doing This ... 

As you begin this process you will soon encounter your first Roadblocks. This is inevitable. Most plans fail. If you are a seasoned business person then you already know this to be true. 

If You Have Made it This Far Then You Probably Already Know That Designing and Implementing an Effective Paid Ads Sales Strategy Depends on Multiple Factors

Now you can have a tool that will enable you to estimate, plan, track , monitor and Growth Hack your sales process based on the data your campaign actually creates.  This entire system in designed to make sure we can help you to get from A to B. 

Are You Ready to Start Generating a Consistent Flow of Leads, Prospects 
and New Clients for Your Business?

Start With a Quick 2-Minute Business Outline to Help Us Prepare for Our Meeting Together

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