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The Edu Business Accelerated Growth Strategy

Nigel J. Casey B.A., BSc., MSc.

Founder of Digital Professionals Academy

I’m glad to see you made it here.

My guess is that it means you’re ready to dig deep into your business, your didactics, and your growth strategy so you can truly become the “go to” coach, expert, or education business in your niche. And you’re ready to see how my team and I can get you there like we’ve done for many coaches and organisations in the training and education space.

STEP 1. Watch These 3 Video Replays

  • In this interactive video you will find three tutorials. First, watch the "BIG PICTURE" video to learn how to transform your education business for growth through digital transformation. Next, explore the "BEHIND THE SCENES" tutorial to see our exact funnel. You will also find a link to our Case-Study "THE $10 LAUNCH"

    Watch the three videos! (Use the NAV Tabs in the video)

    • The BIG Picture Video - Designing the student experience
    • The Behind the Scenes Video - Our exact funnel walk-through
    • The $10 LAUNCH CASE STUDY  - From $10 to 12.5 in 60 days with zero upfront investment

STEP 2. Ready to Take Your Next Step?

This strategy is for Education Businesses, Schools, Colleges, Coaches, Freelance Teachers & Trainers, Business Consultants.

This 3-Step formula is designed specifcally for education businesses, schools, colleges, freelance teachers and trainers, professional coaches, business coaches, life coaches, performance coaches HR & career coaches. It also works very well for business consultants who understand the value of teaching as friendly value-added prospecting. Download the guide to access more videos walking you through each step of the accelerated growth formula for Edu Businesses.

 STEP 3. Schedule Your (FREE) Strategy Call 

You might be wondering ... why request a discovery call?

You'll get immediate clarity and discover 

How to Start Your Self-Financing Funnel

After this call, not only will you receive clarity on what specifically needs to happen, we’ll also both know if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Digital Professionals Academy is a Boutique Edu Businesss Development & Training Company. We’re very selective of who we bring on as agency clients, so please make sure to read the “Who This Is For” before you book a call.

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Who This Is For ...

  • You already have a training programme offering that works and produces results for your clients.
  • You are qualified to be in the education and/or coaching space (ideally helping entrepreneurs/business owners).
  • You need a list/audience and you need methods to get traffic to the marketing campaigns that we would build out together.
  • You’re not just looking for help with a one-off project… but instead are looking for ongoing business development help for your business.
  • You understand the importance of building your digital capabilities and the power of investing in digital tramsformation to grow your business.
  • It’s important for you to build an authentic relationship with your students and coachees.
  • You’re not looking for agressive marketing tactics, but you do expect tangible results and you are willing to work with us to design, implement and manage your accelerated growth project.

Who This Is Not For

  • You are not qualified to teach or coach.
  • You "don’t have time" to learn how to package, sell and deliver the value you provide.
  • You think that all you need is "word of mouth" in order to attract new students and coachees.
  • You don’t have complete clarity on what you want ( an actionable plan and roadmap, more happy clients, more revenue, ROI and sustainable growth).
  • You are juggling many other projects and this is not truly a priority for you now.
  • You are not genuinely interested in achieving excellence … you just want to make fast money online.
  • You’re not willing to invest time, effort and financial resources in your business.

Ready to get started? Book a Call

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The typical rate for a consultation like this is $1,000 (and normally only available to current clients and customers). Today you can schedule your 45 minute Digital EDU Business Audit at no charge. 

Full transparency… Just because we have this call does not mean that we will work together. If at the end of the call I can clearly see that we would be a good fit to work together, I will let you know. If I don’t feel like it’s going to be a good fit, I’m also going to let you know. We’re all about getting our clients results, working with our dream clients, and having fun while doing it.

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If you are here it is likely that you attended one of our webinars.  As you already understand how the Edu Business Growth Strategy is structured this 45-minute call is designed to help us understand if we can help you to grow your business.