PHASE 2: DIDACTICS - Strategic Digital Innovation for Didactics

Learn how to leverage the power of virtual peer learning and how to empower and delight your students. Open your virtual classrooms and easily create your digital assets (Goodwill Tokens & Lead Magnets).


The most important next step is about creating didactic material that your students will love to use AND love to share with their friends. This step serves two purposes… you need to delight your students AND build your strategic foundation for generating referrals!


Get your virtual classrooms set up so you can deliver value-added resources to your students to help them to easily and conveniently get the most out of their courses. This process is easy to set up and will also enable you to  generate more enrolments!


Next you will learn to orchestrate one of the most powerful and crucially important elements of your success formula …. In this step you will follow a clear formula that will enable, encourage and facilitate your students to help each other through peer learning.

In Phase 3 you will discover how to unleash your channels and cultivate your networks, build your inbound funnels and drive massive traffic to your landing pages. In this phase you will automate your business for recurring income.