Changing The Way The World Hires For Digital Skills

Our talent recruiting system and development programmes make finding and attracting the right people to your company easy and risk free. We make the effort while you save time and money in the process.

Digital Professionals Academy helps companies to avail of custom-trained performance-focused digital staffing solutions so that they can focus on successfully delivering projects using the latest technologies, while avoiding the challenges of selecting, hiring, training and keeping employees updated and engaged.


We select the top 1% of talent from universities to join our team of Digital Trainees. We are also committed to constantly developing new synergies with recognised senior digital professionals.


We turn entry level trainees into top level skilled professional digital consultants with our intensive training bootcamps and online learning platforms.


We rapidly deliver job-ready digital talent, eliminating onboarding time so you can get your projects up and running in record time. 


Our talent integrates with their teams so well that they often end up being hired directly by clients.